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 Appendix 1

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Introduction to The Method of Lines (MOL)
A One Dimensional, Linear Partial Differential Equation
Green's Function Analysis
Two Nonlinear, Variable Coefficient, Inhomogeneous PDEs
Euler, Navier Stokes and Burgers Equations
Cubic Schrödinger Equation (CSE)
Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) Equation
Linear Wave Equation
Maxwell's Equations
Laplace's Equation
Three dimensional PDE
PDE with a Mixed Partial Derivative
Simultaneous, Nonlinear, 2D PDEs in Cylindrical Coordinates
Diffusion Equation in Spherical Coordinates
Partial Differential Equations from Conservation Principles:
   The Anisotropic Diffusion Equation
Order Conditions for Finite Difference Approximations
Analytical Solution of Nonlinear, Traveling Wave
   Partial Differential Equations:
Implementation of Time Varying Boundary Conditions
The DSS Library
Animating Simulation Results
Color Plates